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The Camp Hope Foundation is able to serve in several different areas.

The Hope Education, Rehabilitation and Schooling Center

The Camp Hope Foundation runs a school which currently has 130 students, 50% of whom are physically or mentally handicapped. The Center has professional educators on staff who are also trained in physical therapy for the children who require it. This Center is currently Camp Hope’s central service. Click here to learn more.

Casa Hogar

The Camp Hope Foundation began to take in orphaned children who slept on the floor of the administrative office. It was soon decided that Camp Hope needed to start an orphanage for these children. Out of that decision came Casa Hogar. Click here to learn more.

Medical Support

Many of the handicapped children supported by Camp Hope are in need of surgeries and regular medical care but are restricted by limited economic resources. With the aid of medical centers in Quito and foreign volunteers Camp Hope has been able to support its participants medically at a low cost. Click here to learn more.

The Conocoto Project

Camp Hope was started in 1983 as a one week camp for handicapped children. Since that time the Camp Hope Foundation has begun to serve it’s children in various other ways, however the Foundation still provides camps for disabled children. The foundation also plans to use some of the same land that it uses for its camps, for vocational workshops for disabled persons. Click here to learn more.