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Sponsorship Program

Our Objectives

  1. To offer people, entities, companies and institutions the possibility to share their opportunities in order to materialize their solidarity projection with the allocation of resources to special education, habilitation and rehabilitation, in contribution to the development and social equity.
  2. To provide support to children, young people and institution projects that need economic assistance due to adverse circumstances.

Our Program

Camp Hope Foundation has started a sponsorship program with the faith in helping our participants. The sponsorship program allows people from other countries to support children living in poverty that attend to the Foundation.

Our History

The sponsorship program as part of Camp Hope Foundation started in 1998 with four sponsors. It has grown and this has helped the children greatly, giving them the opportunity to habilitate, receive specialized attention and have been taken care and appropriate nutrition.

Our Services

By supporting our sponsorships through your membership fees and gifts, you will secure the following services:


Cover the expenses related to the functioning of the Organization.

Opportunities in your participation:


Now you can apply for the membership to the program through the internet. Please click on the link to open the form for membership application (formulario de la solicitud de membresía).